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Zeitschrift für Depression und Angst
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A Short Note on Exercise Induced Hypoalgesia (EIH)

Huang Li*

In animal models and chronic pain patients it is proven that exercise produces analgesic effects (Exercise-Induced Hypoalgesia (EIH)). But the mechanisms of EIH especially the emotional aspects of pain is still not fully understood. The mesocorticolimbic system of the brain initiates the EIH effects through two dopaminergic pathways. The amygdala is a key component of the limbic system which regulates emotions closely associated with chronic pain like fear and anxiety. Some recent studies examined the association between the Amyg and EIH effects with the help of Neuropathic Pain (NPP) model mice. Voluntary Exercise (VE) activated Glutamate (Glu) neurons in the average basal Amyg projecting to the Nucleus Accumbens (NAc) sidelong shell, while it totally stifled NPPincited enactment of GABA neurons in the focal nucleus of the Amyg (CeA).