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ISSN: 2319-7285


Actions for People Strategic Management to Improve Service Delivery to the Public in the Municipal Council of Xai-Xai City Mozambique

Zilpa David Muhate, Albino Simione, Alfeu Vilanculos, Julio Macuacua, Filipe Mahaluca

The present research aims to analyze the actions of strategic people management in providing service to the public in the municipal council of Xai-Xai city. To carry out this research, the qualitative, applied and exploratory methodology was employed, which operationalized the documentary analysis. The procedures of the monitoring of the employees, in the exercise of their activities allow the investment of the competencies for an effective integration in the operational dynamics of the computer tools for the support to the learning of the employees, especially to the management of the work teams in different departments of control. The importance of strategic management for the improvement of public service is characterized by the investment of organizational skills for the mastery of departmental areas and for the modernization of the practices of public service.