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Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe
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Adenocarcinoma with Minimal Deviation of the Cervix: What Management?

Al Moubaker H, Errarhay S, Mahmoud S, Saadi H, Bouchikhi C and Banani A

The cervix adenocarcinoma results in an average 15% of cervical carcinomas. It is most often associated with infection with HPV type 16 or 18. Screening has its particularities compared to squamous cell carcinoma. The minimal deviation adenocarcinoma is a rare histological entity of cervix adenocarcinoma. Cervical cytology provides an imperfect diagnosis of glandular cells compared to squamous lesions, although the 2001 Bethesda system still allows a better management of patients with abnormal glandular cells; the diagnosis is based on histological study. We report a case of 46 years-old woman that was treated for minimal deviation adenocarcinoma of the cervix. It is likely that in future, the screening either cytological or viral must be completed by a specific molecular marker of these lesions.