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Zeitschrift für Ergonomie
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Agricultural Ergonomics in Today’s World..

Edossa Dugassa

The characterization of ergonomics and safety in the context of
human-machine interaction in agriculture is a developing task.
The most sophisticated method of avoiding issues arising from
the unpredictable and complex nature of the agriculture field,
which varies with the stable domain seen in industrial settings, is
said to be human-robotic synergetic systems. The specific
cognitive human traits of observation, decision-making, and
action may be merged with the power and repetitive precision of
robots in potential working environments. Therefore, safety must
be ensured in order to prevent mishaps from unwelcome physical
contact as well as the development of musculoskeletal problems.
The latter is a succinct word for a variety of soft tissue conditions
that have impacted farmers' quality of life and reached epidemic
levels. This inquiry carefully attempts to discover possible risks
that might endanger human safety by outlining the basics of
human-robot interaction from an agricultural perspective. To
address these risks, strategies for reducing the likelihood of
injuries were examined, along with techniques for safe teamwork.
This work innovates by emphasizing ergonomics within
agricultural human-robot interaction tasks.