Angewandte Mikrobiologie: Offener Zugang
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ISSN: 2471-9315


Agricultural Practices Effects on Biogeographical Patterns of Bacterial Biodiversity in Soil Profiles along Precipitation Gradient in Northeast China Transect

Shumaila Memon, Cao Hao, Zhang Peng, Muhammad Hasnain, Yunga Wu, Dongui Wu*

lthough soil bacteria are ubiquitous and one is the more important community in the soil than the other and the bio-geographical pattern of soil microbial diversity driven by key global change that play a critical role in soil functioning of biologically diverse ecosystems. Previous studies discovered the biogeographical distribution pattern of soil bacteria communities in surface layer of black soil zone in northeast china. In this study, we selected global large scale to investigate the large scale distribution pattern of soil bacteria biodiversity and its driving effects on ecosystem of cropland in soil profile. In total, 897,776803 optimized sequencings were obtained from the 78 soil samples and soil bacteria community distribution was estimated from using the quantitative PCR and Illumina MiSeq and 16S rRNA sequencing methods. These sequencing belonged to East to West Northeast Transect NECT were across all soil samples of cropland, the dominant bacteria were classified into sub-groups and these groups gradient. PCA analysis based on OTUs showed that the geographical distribution of community variables 38.12% similarity between them overall and the soil environmental factors explained approximately 20.71% of the variations. The relative abundance of community on phylum level, diversity of soil bacteria distribution increasing with the low precipitation gradient from east to west. Consequently, these findings may have important suggestions for understanding the effects of global change (e.g., precipitation) on the large scale of the biodiversity pattern had significant effect on ecosystem. Our understanding of how soil bacterial diversity patterns may respond to future global change effects in different regions to improve the biogeographic pattern in soil profile along a precipitation gradient