Zeitschrift für Informationstechnologie und Softwareentwicklung

Zeitschrift für Informationstechnologie und Softwareentwicklung
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ISSN: 2165- 7866


An Architectural Approach for the Dynamic Adaptation of Services-based Software

Baroudi Mohammed Yassine, Benammar Abdelkrim and Bendimerad Fethi Tarik

Services are very important component of software which will be essential part for future internet applications. Development of several applications considering the need of open environment and large scale usage is the need of the hours. Alternative intelligent presence and absence of services along with maintaining the quality is important. Dynamic adaptations and their optimum efficiency are mandatory to have a better application and solution. Moreover, novel application development requires other factors to be considered, such as, cost effectiveness and reusability of the existing components in a better and effective manner. This article proposes specific software architecture for dynamical service adaptation. The services are constituted by reusable software components. The adaptation’s goal is to optimize the service function of their execution context. For a first step, the context will take into account just the user needs but other elements will be added. A particular feature in our proposition is the profiles that are used not only to describe the context’s elements but also the components itself. An Adapter analyzes the compatibility between all these profiles and detects the points where the profiles are not compatibles. The same Adapter search and apply the possible adaptation solutions: component customization, insertion, extraction or replacement.