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An Investigation into the Adolescents Nutritional and Dietary Requirements among Secondary Schools in the Volta Region of Ghana

Comfort Mawuse Klutse

Nutritional requirements change as humans move through different life stages. Adolescence in particular form critical stages in human growth since growth spurt during adolescence stage. Growth and change is rapid during adolescence stage such that kids gain 20% of adult height and 50% of adult weight. For this reason, the requirements for all nutrients increase during adolescence, and this is especially true of calcium and iron. This study examines the adolescent’s nutritional and dietary requirements in secondary schools in Ghana. Using three senior high schools, the study found that meals served to students were monotonous and lacked variety. Also, 63.0% of students do not eat breakfast before going to school. This study recommends that schools should engage the services of nutritionists who will be responsible and advice the schools on the nutritional needs of the students. This study hopes to contribute to the study of nutrition and dietary among adolescents, while providing special insight on students in Volta Region and Ghana as a whole.