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Mykobakterielle Erkrankungen
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Assessment of Medication Adherence, Quality of Life And Risk Factors Among Patients With Tuberculosis In a South Indian Tertiary Care Hospital: A Cross-Sectional Study

Ravindrababu Pingili

The main objective of the current study was to assess the level of medication adherence, quality of life, risk factors for better treatment outcomes and to improve patient quality of life by giving TB education.A prospective observational study was conducted on 278 patients (139 tubercular patients and 139 health volunteers). A data collection form of various socio-demographic factors, lifestyle factors, and co-morbid conditions for tuberculosis were collected. The quality of life (QOL) was assessed by interviewing the subjects using WHO- QOL BREF questionnaire. Morisky – 8 item medication Adherence Questionnaire was used for assessing adherence.