Annalen und Essenzen der Zahnheilkunde

Annalen und Essenzen der Zahnheilkunde
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ISSN: 0975-8798, 0976-156X


Audit on Recall Intervals of High Risk Children at Billings Hurst Dental Practice

Suhavibir Singh*

Caries is an established, chronic disease present in childhood in both deciduous and permeant dentition. Recently released statistics from Public Health England, noted one in four five years old now has dental decay. This is a pressing concern, as no progress has been made since the previous survey who noted a similar figure. The responsibility of dental decay not only lies on the patients or parents, but also their dental practitioner to monitor and review the child to ensure prevention or early detection of such lesions. Thus, there is an increased importance placed on the recall intervals of high-risk children. These reviews assess the children on the dental caries factors such as, a high cariogenic diet, poor plaque control, their fluoride intake as well as any medical history changes.