Familienmedizin und medizinische Wissenschaftsforschung

Familienmedizin und medizinische Wissenschaftsforschung
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ISSN: 2327-4972


Barriers in the Delivery of Preventive Procedures in Primary Health Care.

Ewelina Gowin, Joanna Dytfeld, Michał Michalak and Wanda Horst-Sikorska

Objectives: Aim of the study was to evaluate general practitioners’ opinions on barriers in the delivery of preventive procedures and ways of solving the problem. 100s of physicians working in Primary Care Practices in Wielkopolska Region (Poland), during a period in 2010, filled questionnaires.

Results: The most common barrier was lack of time and inadequate finances identified by 90% and 78% of doctors. Doctors’ or patients’ negative attitude to prevention was noted by 12% and 16% respondents. Insufficient skills and difficulties in updating knowledge were recognized by 9% of the doctors. As a solution 76% respondents pointed at increasing consultation time and 66% - to additional financial incentives. Some of surveyed doctors suggested the need for improvement of the national health programs and increasing their number. Workshops for medical staff were chosen by 48% of questioned doctors.

Conclusions: 1. Lack of time is the main barrier in the delivery of preventive procedures in primary care. 2. According to the asked doctors financial incentives would increase the amount of health promotion in primary care.