Endokrinologie und metabolisches Syndrom

Endokrinologie und metabolisches Syndrom
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ISSN: 2161-1017


Central Diabetes Insipidus Alternating with Cerebral Salt Wasting Syndrome in an Infant with an Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Kyree Sky, Senan Hadid

Central diabetes insipidus has been described as a rare complication of acute myeloid leukemia in adult patients. This case report details a case of a 6 month old infant newly diagnosed with AML that was complicated by central diabetes insipidus and concurrent cerebral salt wasting syndrome. As far as we know this is one of the first cases of concurrent central diabetes insipidus and cerebral salt wasting syndrome in the setting of AML in a pediatric patient. Our case documented a fluctuation between DI and CSW in a newborn with freshly diagnosed AML, necessitating intensive monitoring of her serum Na and osmolality, urine output, Na and osmolality. Using vasopressin was difficult owing to the frequent fluctuations in the given levels within 24 hours. Importantly, her brain MRI findings in this case were normal. A similar instance was described in adults, but with aberrant brain MRI results.