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Comparison of Different Protocols of Weight Training Exercises Used In Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema: A Review

Ruchika Kalra1*, Bhavna Anand2, Harshita Sharma3, Himani Chauhan4

Worldwide fear of breast cancer is increasing due to the fear of lymphedema which is reduces the quality of life due to the inability to accomplish routine daily life and basic work that is thought of as weight lifting as a fear of pooling the lymph. This study objectified ways in the form of review literature to classify different followed protocols of weight training so as to strengthen other measures physical and physiologically. The study followed various scientific and journal sites, including PubMed, Google scholars, Medline library, and Cochrane Library with the help of keywords and selection criteria. In this study no filters were applied to the search, and the study included all electronic databases with no language barriers to the study. The 10 studies presented articles with regime following weight training patients diagnosed with breast cancer-related lymphedema. The studies presented different regime protocols and resulted in different measures such as arm volume, muscle strength bone mineral density, quality of life, musculoskeletal injuries and weight loss. All the authors studied and discussed the results and led to the conclusion of the study. It is essential for breast cancer-related lymphedema patients to undergo weight training to improve their quality of life and, increase muscular strength leading to fat loss. This study concludes with significant improvement in reduction of lymphedema, increase in the muscle strength of the affected limb and other outcome measures.