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Zeitschrift für Depression und Angst
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COVID-19 Outbreak in China: Use of a Smartphone App (Social Media) for Rapid Assessment of Nursing Psychological and Physical Stress at the Epicentre of the Outbreak in Wuhan and Local Provinces and Follow-Up When Returned to Normal Residence and Duties

Ren Yang, Rong-Mei Li, Leonard M Shapiro*

Introduction: Stress managing severely ill patients is known to can jeopardise the mental health of nurses. The presence of COVID-19 with its known risks to health care staff potentially exacerbates this distress. We sought to examine the mental health of female nurses who had volunteered to work in the epicentre of the pandemic in wuhan.

Methods: We undertook the initial survey (standard questionnaire) early in the disease on the 20/1/20 and a follow up was obtained on the return of the staff to their usual residence/work. We used a novel rapid and repeatable health care survey using the mini programmes in WeChat

Results and Discussion: The WeChat surveys produced a rapid and moderately prolific response. The vast majority were in Wuhan or surrounding districts. There was a significant reporting of unhappiness and emotional exhaustion which improved on follow-up and nursing felt that their work was valuable. They had real concerns for their own, colleagues and family safety

Conclusion: The use of a WeChat survey app proved most useful in obtaining rapid and repeatable surveys as this difficult time. I could be useful for the examination of staff wellbeing in similar situations.