Zeitschrift für Grundlagen erneuerbarer Energien und Anwendungen

Zeitschrift für Grundlagen erneuerbarer Energien und Anwendungen
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ISSN: 2090-4541


Design and Fabrication of Dual Axis Solar Tracking System for Performance Enhancement

Ayush Giri*, Kalpesh Kolte, Akshay Nangar, Aarti Gholap, Prajwal Wakhare, Prashant Patunkar

Increase in the world energy demand has made renewable energy source as one of the best option. The environmental pollution and rising cost of the fossil fuels have drawn considerable attention to renewable energy sources. Solar energy is one of the major source of renewable energy. As the requirement of the solar energy is increasing day by day for generating electricity, heating purpose, street lighting, solar charging station and in industries, etc. So solar energy is best and more efficient in various application. According to study/data the efficiency of solar panel is about to 16% to 18%, So R and D is going on, how to maximize an efficiency of solar panel by maximizing electricity genration. To increase the efficiency by solar panel we are introducing dual axis solar tracker system. Dual axis solar tracker system we fabricated and do the experimental work, and testing in laboratory, at MIT ADT University. The work of the project focused on hardware design, manufactured part and assembly. As per the testing take place, we compare the single axis solar tracker with dual axis solar tracker, according to readings the dual axis solar tracker is more efficient then single axis solar tracker. This system results in a wide field of view with minimum error effectiveness.