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Developing a Regulatory and Control Frameworks for Enhancing the Security of Facebook Users

Basha Kasim

Nowadays Social Media services are performing an active and plentiful role with high dynamism in our normal lifecycle. Facebook was the most popular and outstanding lead on online Social Media in very short span of time. However, some peoples whom are noticed as cybercriminals are doing unethical things by using Facebook like creating fake accounts name (profile) and fake pages in order to disseminate the fake news and the fabricated information that create conflict within a country and to remove sense of togetherness and stability locally and globally. The prime aim of this research is developing a regulatory and control framework for enhancing the security of Facebook users with better quality. This framework aims to restrict the scammers from creating fake profiles and to make the user verified and authenticated on the Facebook by using the unique attribute of the user. The study used MS form, Edraw Max, and JustinMind prototyper for data collection, framework design and prototype development respectively. This research attempts to apply an exploratory and constructive research design using mixed research approach to design and develop a framework that authenticate the legitimate users and restricts the illegitimate user from creating fake profiles from Facebook. The study uses Digital Residential UNIQUE ID issued by the Government of Ethiopia for AA city for cross checking the user provided data with DB of residents during registration times. The study concluded with developed better-quality Framework with improved and add-on parameters that produce better results for Facebook users in Ethiopia by eliminating the problems occurring by the fake identity through verifying and authenticating the user with the unique attribute called UNIQUE ID at the time of account creations. The developed framework validated with user acceptance test and the result confirms that it’s helps to trace the origin of certain hatred content posted and necessary to track owner of the any profile easily due to the framework enforces the users to use only real and verifiable information.