Zeitschrift für Chromatographie und Trenntechniken

Zeitschrift für Chromatographie und Trenntechniken
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ISSN: 2157-7064


Development and Validation of HPLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Brimonidine Tartrate and Timolol Maleate in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

Abdullah A Elshanawane, Lobna M Abdelaziz, Mustafa S Mohram and Hany M Hafez

Brimonidine tartrate and Timolol Maleate are used in treatment of glaucoma by decreasing intra ocular pressure. A validated HPLC method was developed for the assay of them. The method was performed on BDS HYPERSIL Cyano column (250×4.6 mm, 5 μ) and the mobile phase consisted of Ammonium acetate (pH 5.0, 0.01 M) - Methanol (40:60, V/V) which pumped at a flow rate equals to 1.5 ml/min at ambient temperature. 20 μl of drugs sample solutions were monitored at two fixed wavelengths (lambda=254.0 nm for Brimonidine Tartrate and 300.0 nm for Timolol Maleate). The proposed method was validated in terms of linearity, accuracy, precision and limits of detection and quantitation according to ICH.