Zeitschrift für Fischerei und Aquakultur

Zeitschrift für Fischerei und Aquakultur
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ISSN: 2150-3508


Distribution and Abundance of Finfish Eggs from Muthupettai, South East Coast of India

J Selvam*, D Varadharajan, A Babu and T Balasubramanian

The occurrence and distribution of finfish eggs and larvae is an integral part of a fishery research programme. Finfish eggs abundance data is an important for patterns of distribution, an areas providing information for nursery ground and a range of adult and spawning trends. The density of fin fish eggs at all stations showed a seasonal variation. The maximum number of eggs were recorded during post-monsoon followed by pre-monsoon, summer and monsoon seasons. The seasonal occurrence of finfish eggs did not follow a similar pattern during the two-year period of study. This might be due to the fluctuation in the environmental parameters. Environmental parameters such as rainfall, atmospheric temperature, water temperature, salinity, pH and dissolved oxygen were recorded and correlated with the distribution of fish eggs. It is evident from the present study that the water temperature and salinity appear to play a significant role in determining the distribution of fin fish eggs in the study area.