Biochemie und Pharmakologie: Offener Zugang

Biochemie und Pharmakologie: Offener Zugang
Offener Zugang

ISSN: 2167-0501


Effects of Drought Stress on Growth and Yield of Barley

Wejden Brahmi*, Ali Ltifi, Faouzi Haouala

Drought is one of the most important abiotic stresses that limits the growth and productivity of cultivated plants. We studied the physiological responses of barley plants under specific drought conditions. The goal of this study was to evaluate the impact of water stress on twelve varieties of barley. Rihane, Manel, Momtez, Faiz, Roho, Tej, Kounouz, Lamsi, Ardhaoui, Safra and two doubled haploid lines produced from the cross Roho*Ardhaoui. The barley plants were grown in a greenhouse A full randomized test was conducted; a water deficit regime (50%) and (20%) was used with a 100% control of the soil field capacity. Barley growth, and root dynamics were collected. The analysis of different evaluated parameters shows diversity between lines, although often very close at the level of certain characters. By considering the descriptive parameters as a whole, it appears that the cultivar Roho and the doubled haploid lines Roho*Ardhaoui was performing on several levels.