Heil- und Aromapflanzen

Heil- und Aromapflanzen
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ISSN: 2167-0412


Essential Oil Composition of Turmeric Cultivated in Ethiopia

Sileshi Abera Ayele*, Belay Gezahegn Gebreyes

The current study based on quantification of physicochemical composition of turmeric dame variety and its physicochemical compositions of the turmeric were determined using standard methods. The results of the analysis shows that it contains 13% moisture content, 6.78% ash, 6.119% crude protein, 8.89% oleoresin, 3% essential oil and 65.211 total carbohydrate. Composition of the essential oil obtained from the rhizome of turmeric was analyzed by GC/MS technique. More than 50 compounds were detected and 50 of them were identified. They accounted for 99.129% of essential oil. The major constituents of rhizome essential oil were tumeron (30.843%), aR-turmerone (28.378%), curlone (17.351%), α-curcumene (2.639%), zingiberene (2.528%), (-)-β-sesquiphellandrene (2.449%), bergamotol.Z-alpha.-trans- (1.8455%), α-phellandrene (1.374%). The study proved that the physicochemical and essential chemical composition of Ethiopian turmeric was comparable to values reported in literature from different parts of the world and it has good total carbohydrate (%).