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Zeitschrift für Depression und Angst
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Evaluation of a Program Designed to Facilitate Understanding of Veterans' Post-Combat Adjustment and Reintegration: Pilot Study of Faber Post-Trauma Model

D.C Faber and Matt J. Gray

The present investigation was designed to evaluate a psychoeducational intervention designed to increase understanding and awareness of adjustment and reintegration issues experienced by combat veterans following deployment. The specific issues addressed by this intervention are broader in scope than formal psychopathology or disorders experienced by a minority of combatants. Instead, the domain of difficulties covered pertains to many or most individuals returning from combat. Specifically, difficulties with emotion regulation, social functioning, planfulness and stress management among other concerns were delineated. Military and civilian attendees (N = 100) of two separate presentations of this model were asked to report on familiarity and understanding of reintegration difficulties incurred by homecoming combat veterans. Analyses indicated that relative to pre-intervention scores, attendees reported significantly greater understanding of numerous aspects of the post deployment experience and effect sizes were generally large (i.e., Cohen’s d’s were generally in excess of .8 at the item level and aggregate scale pre-post change = 1.04) [1].