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Zeitschrift für Depression und Angst
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Evolution of Elevated Plus Maze Test (Anxiety) and Porsolt Swimming Test (Depression) Parameters in Wistar Female Rats Treated with Low Dose of Toluene from the 4th to 14th day of Pregnancy: Implication of Progesterone to Protect GABAergic route

Hacane Frih, Asma Latreche, Bachir Ali Rachedi, Radha Djenidi, Leila Sahraoui and Abdelkrim Tahraoui

Background: The endocrinal and physiological consequences, following the sub chronic administration of toluene (Tol), were examined in pregnant Wistar rats.

Methods: A quarter of lethal dose concentration (LD50) of toluene was injected daily in IP to pregnant rats between the 4th and the 14th day of pregnancy. Virgin female rats were also used as a basis of comparison and obey to the same experimental protocol. Blood samples and recordings of sequences of behavior in elevated plus maze was made in 7th, 14th and 21st day of pregnancy. The measurement of the serum levels of progesterone were carried out at the 7th day of gestation (3rd day of treatment), the 14th day (last day of treatment) and one week after delivery (14th day after discontinuation of therapy). After delivery, which occurs at the 21st day, we tested the effectiveness of a GABAergique agonist, the clonazepam, during the forced swimming test.

Results: Our results showed that the application of toluene neurotoxic stress during 10 days caused endocrine (plasma progesterone) and behavior (anxiety) disruption that appear to be irreversible in virgin female rats treated with toluene. For cons, the same treatment associated with pregnancy revealed a healing effect 14 days after stopping treatment. Inefficiency of both clonazepam and toluene treatment in virgin female rats was observed. This treatment was effective in pregnant rats treated only with toluene.

Conclusion: Pregnancy appears to play a moderating effect on harmfulness and neurotoxicity of toluene, by protecting GABAergic route. Progesterone, as a neuroactif steroid, plays an important role in this protection