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Zeitschrift für Depression und Angst
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Experience of Mental Health Professionals with Borderline Personality Disorder: A Qualitative Study

Mirrat Gul Butt, Maham Rasheed*, Shafaq Ejaz, Zahid Mahmood

Introduction: The study was conducted to explore the experience of mental health professionals while dealing with or treating Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in Pakistan. Methods: The Qualitative study was conducted through purposive sampling by selecting the professionals having at least 5 years to a maximum of 29 years of experience, working with a borderline personality disorder. Total 18 semi-structured interviews with nine (N=09) psychiatrists and nine (N=09) clinical psychologists were conducted. The analysis was conducted using a framework approach a systematic approach that incorporates both deductive and inductive thematic analysis. Results: Through the open ended questions professionals explore different concepts such as prevalence and ratio in Pakistan, root causes of BPD in Pakistan, unethical practices, transference and counter transference while dealing with BPD patients, problems faced by professionals for treatment, and explored difference in treatment comparison from the western culture and In Pakistan.