Waldforschung: Offener Zugang

Waldforschung: Offener Zugang
Offener Zugang

ISSN: 2168-9776


Farmers' Perception and Adoption of Agroforestry Practices in Osun State, Nigeria

Adedayo A. G and Sobola Oluronke

The study assessed Farmers’ perception and adoption of agroforestry practices in Osun state, Nigeria. Multistage sampling technique was used for the study. Three local governments were randomly selected from each of the three senatorial districts in the state. Three farming communities were then randomly selected in each LGA why 10 respondents were purposively selected in each sampled community. Primary data were collected through semi- structured questionnaire to 270 respondents. In addition information was obtained from a key informant fin each sampled community with the use of interview schedule. The results of the study showed that there were divergent perceptions about agroforestry practice in the study area. 10% of the respondents in Osun west senatorial district were of the opinion that agroforestry practice is a scientific process that is difficult to practice, 62% perceived that it can improve farm productivity while 12% opined that the practice is not properly understood. Chi-square test (p<0.05) shows that there is significant association between respondents educational qualification and the adoption of agroforestry practices in all the senatorial districts of Osun state. Chi-square test (p< 0.05) also shows that there is a significant association between respondents; land ownership and the adoption of Agroforestry practices in all the senatorial districts of the study area. The adopted agro-forestry practices in the study area include retention of trees on farmland, planting of trees on boundaries, shifting cultivation and home gardening. Challenges faced by farmers in the practice of agroforestry practice among others are; lack of technical knowhow, small land holdings, fire outbreak and poor extension service. More farmers can be encouraged to practice agroforestry through improved agroforestry extension service to the farmers, encouraging farmers to form cooperative groups, organizing training programmes for farmers in agroforestry and free distribution of tree seedlings to farmers.