Zeitschrift für Umweltverschmutzungseffekte und -kontrolle

Zeitschrift für Umweltverschmutzungseffekte und -kontrolle
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ISSN: 2375-4397


Few Heavy Metals and their Impact on Crab Sesarma and their Activities in River

Saphia Ali

The present study investigated the effect of crude oil on bioaccumulation in tissues of carp fish exposed to concentrations of crude for two periods of acute exposure for 96 hours and for 15 days for chronic exposure to calculated the rate of accumulation in tissues of ovaries, muscles and liver, where the values showed differences in the levels of bioaccumulation depending on the concentration to which the fish was exposed and the type of tissue shows the bioaccumulation mean in the ovary tissues of carpio during exposure to crude oil concentration (0.12,0.25,0.33 and 0.36) mg/L . The bioaccumulation mean increased with the concentrations. Therefore, the (0.36 mg/l) recorded the highest value of bioaccumulation in the ovary tissues was (232.81 microgram/mg) and also recorded Significant differences, as the higher the concentration, the greater bioaccumulation mean lead to the hematological changes after exposed to lethal period and concentration. The values of blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit and platelets were significantly reduced during 48 hours period of exposure. The values of HB and some blood indicators were found to decrease, respectively as shown in the all period of exposure While the PCV blood volume recorded a decrease, rates reached as follows, (37.6, 34.48, 24.2, 19.12 mg/l), compared the control (39.72 mg/l).