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Zeitschrift für Geologie und Geophysik
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Forward Modeling of Ground Penetrating Radar for the Reconstruction of Models Response Profiles using Synthetic Data

Arisona A, Nawawi M, Ishola KS and Safiuddin LO

Estimation of response profile in the soil layer from GPR synthetic data using forward modeling of radar data has been applied for reconstruction of 3 layers model without anomaly and 2 layers model with air-filled and water-filled cavity. For synthesizing the models, the reflection profiling and common mid-point (CMP) were used for the radar data in providing framework in order to link subsurface properties and GPR data. The result of the three layers model shows that response profile obtained is similar to lithology models using reflection profiling technique. Whereas, for the CMP the response profile gives oblique and hyperbolic patterns. For the two layers model, a diffraction response with wave travel time that longer in the side compared with the top of anomalous cavity is obtained using reflection profiling technique. Comparison to a GPR synthetic data model shows a good accuracy of the forward modeling.