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Fracture Recognition and Characterization of the Unconventional Igneous Intrusion Reservoir in Rudeis-Sidri Field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Ahmed Metwally , Ahmed Refaat , Essam Abd El-Gawad, Mohamed Fathy, Mohamed Mosad

The present study aims to recognize, characterize and establish the criteria of the Oligo-Miocene unconventional igneous intrusion fractured reservoir in Rudeis-Sidri Field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt. Recently the Brown field in the Gulf of Suez province started to produce oil from their unconventional igneous intrusions fractured reservoir that located along the eastern marginal of the field. Fractured unconventional igneous intrusion reservoirs are much more difficult and expensive to evaluate and to build modelling as compared to the conventional reservoirs. The key of exploration within the heterogens unconventional igneous intrusion reservoirs is to recognize and predict the fracture network and pattern. This work identified the fractured network, using integrated Imaging, anisotropy and core data analysis in Rudeis-Sidri Field, Egypt. Fractures were detected, which created enhanced porosity and permeability, allowing for hydrocarbon accumulated and trapped. Imaging (OMRI) data interpretation have characterize of the intensity, orientation and fracture types, which indicated that, the fracture acted as a reservoir, that is potentially charged by the nearest source rock.

As a result, the combination and integration of the available well data (OMRI, Anisotropy and Core Data) have successfully recognized the characterization of unconventional igneous intrusions fracture reservoir in Rudeis-Sidri field. This can be a good reservoir, in combination with fracing, which are confirmed by production data.