Zeitschrift für Depression und Angst

Zeitschrift für Depression und Angst
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ISSN: 2167-1044


Geriatric Depression and its Correlates among South Indian Urbans

Poojitha Reddy Konda, Pawan Kumar Sharma, Atul R Gandhi and Enakshi Ganguly

Background: Geriatric depression is a growing global problem, expected to be the leading cause of mortality in the next decade. We attempted to explore the previously unidentified burden of depression and its correlates amongst South Indian elderly residing in an urban area.
Methods: A cross sectional study including 100 community dwelling urban elders aged 60 years and older was conducted. A predesigned questionnaire was used to collect data on sociodemographic variables, chronic health conditions, changes in vision and cognition, addictions, and medication usage. Depression was assessed using Geriatric Depression Scale. Other measurements included anthropometry and blood pressure. Logistic regression was done to identify the independently associated correlates of depression.
Results: The prevalence of geriatric depression was 23%. 15.4% men and 31.2% women had depression. On logistic regression, the independent correlates of depression were living single (OR:4.26; 95% CI:1.06-17.09), poor self-rated health (OR:12.09; 95% CI:1.41-103.14), bedridden (OR:5.29; 95% CI:1.21-23.04) and osteoarthritis (OR: 4.91; 95% CI:1.39-17.28).
Conclusion: The burden of depression in our urban geriatric population was moderate. Several correlates were positively associated. While addressing geriatric morbidity, screening for elderly depression, as well as exploration and management of related factors would be of significance.