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Rheumatologie: Aktuelle Forschung
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Gout, a Rheumatology Disease

Lei Wei

Gout is a type of fiery joint inflammation described by intermittent assaults of a red, delicate, hot, and swollen joint. Pain regularly goes ahead quickly, arriving at maximal power in under 12 hours. The joint at the base of the huge toe is influenced in about portion of cases. It might likewise bring about tophi, kidney stones, or kidney damage. Gout is because of tenaciously raised degrees of uric corrosive in the blood. This happens from a blend of diet, other medical issues, and hereditary factors. At significant levels, uric corrosive solidifies and the precious stones store in joints, ligaments, and encompassing tissues, bringing about an assault of gout. Gout happens all the more generally in the individuals who routinely drink lager or sugar-improved refreshments or who eat nourishments that are high in purines, for example, liver, shellfish, or anchovies, or are overweight