Zeitschrift für Umweltverschmutzungseffekte und -kontrolle

Zeitschrift für Umweltverschmutzungseffekte und -kontrolle
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ISSN: 2375-4397


Impact of Automobile Traffic and Waste Dump on Heavy Metal Concentrations in Soil of Aba Metropolis; Implication for Cassava Production

Ochuba CO* and Nduji AA

Analysis for heavy metals (Pd, Co, Zn, Co, Ni, and Cu) was done on soils near road traffic and waste dump site at Aba metropolis. The result shows that the mean values (PPM) for the elements analyzed were Pb-26.11, Cd-4.07, Zn-47.18, Cr-43.9, Co-29.34, Ni-15.88 and Cu-51.48. The values were not up to the critical valves though vehicular traffic and waste dumping increased the presence of Pb, Co, Zn, Co and Ni in soil.