Zeitschrift für medizinische und chirurgische Pathologie

Zeitschrift für medizinische und chirurgische Pathologie
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ISSN: 2472-4971


Improving the Accuracy of Mid and Peripheral Retina Pathology Referrals and Indication of Treatment

Paulo Eduardo Stanga

The ophthalmologist often relies on the optometrist to receive patient referrals for retinal pathologies that need further investigation. However, both the optometrist and non-surgical retina specialist ophthalmologist, may often only have the tools available to assess the fundus and posterior pole while peripheral pathologies may go unnoticed yet may pose a strong threat to cause serious loss of vision or even blindness or need of surgery for the patient in the near or later future. In addition, mid and peripheral vitreoretinal pathologies are usually difficult if not impossible to visualize unless you use Indirect ophthalmoscopy ideally with 360-degree Scleral Indentation and thus, may go undiagnosed.

Mid and peripheral retina and vitreoretinal interface abnormalities span a wide range of conditions from incidental ophthalmoscopic findings that require monitoring.