Zeitschrift für medizinische und chirurgische Pathologie

Zeitschrift für medizinische und chirurgische Pathologie
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Intra-Muscular Myxoma: A Rare Begnin Soft Tumor; Case Report

MNK Dhanalakshmi*,Karthika Rajendran, S.Balamurugan

Introduction: Intramuscular myxoma is a benign soft tissue tumour of the musculoskeletal system that is relatively uncommon. The majority of patients are in their fourth to eighth decades of life, with a slight female predominance. The large muscles of the thigh, shoulder, buttocks, and arms are the most commonly affected by swelling. Only histopathology can provide a definitive diagnosis of the tumour. Local recurrence following excision is unusual.

Case report: A 63-year-old female patient presented to us with a swelling measuring approximately 17 × 10 × 3 centimetres in the left thigh. She was thoroughly examined, and the swelling was excised in toto. Histopathology revealed that the solid-cystic swelling excised was an intramuscular myxoma.

Conclusion: The tumor's rarity and its significance in the differential diagnosis of nerve sheath myxomas, sarcomas, intramuscular lipoma, hemangioma, hematoma, and desmoid tumour is the emphasis for this case report presentation. Another distinguishing feature is that, it can only be accurately diagnosed after excision followed by histopathological examination.