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Zeitschrift für Depression und Angst
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Kenny Music Performance Anxiety Inventory (KMPAI): Transcultural Adaptation for Brazil and Study of Internal Consistency

Ana Elisa Medeiros Barbar, Jose Alexandre de Souza Crippa and Flávia de Lima Osorio

Music Performance Anxiety (MPA) is defined as an anxious condition, when directly related to solo or group musical performance, and for any instrument, singing included. The assessment of MPA is a challenge to researchers and clinical professionals involved with this disorder. Many instruments are available to assess MPA, but mostly of these instruments are available only in English.

Objective: to report the process of cross-cultural validation of the Kenny Music Performance Anxiety Inventory (KMPAI) for Brazil and to describe the study of internal consistency in a Brazilian musicians sample (230 amateur and professional musicians; 58.3% females; 39.17 years mean age).

Methods/ Results: the translation was carried out through a rigorous process of translation, backtranslation and face validity. The internal consistency was evaluated with the Cronbach’s alpha, and was considered appropriate with a 0.82 value. No item from the scale would alter the value of alpha, which supports the internal consistency of the scale. The highest item correlation was among items 11 and 23 (r=0.50, p<0.001).

Conclusion: considering that the MPA is a very prevalent disorder among musicians, with significant impairment in social and work life, we hope that the KMPAI will contribute to a better knowledge in screening of MPA in Brazil, making it easier for musicians to be properly treated with specific and effective interventions.