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Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaften und öffentliche Angelegenheiten
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Khawr al-Udayd: Historical Significance and Conflict: Documentary Study

Abaal-Zamat KH and Al-Shraah IF

This study aims to highlight the strategic and economic significance of the location Khawr al-Udayd, period and the emergence of interest in the Khawr since the Ottoman era. In addition, the study outlines the nature of conflict on Khawr al-Udayd between Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Each party claimed the Khawr as its own property, and put forth its arguments and justifications through various means. The study also shows the role of Britain on this conflict as it played a key role in reducing the intensity of the conflict between the aforementioned three parties interested in taking control of the Creek. The British documents reveal how Britain was able to limit Saudi Arabia expansion towards the Creek, thereby preventing it from controlling it in addition to convincing the ruler of Abu Dhabi to assign Khawr al- Udayd, which devolved to the Qatari’s control thanks to the British support. The study was based on primary sources, including British documents, other foreign and Arab documentary sources, as well as modern references specialized in the geography and modern and contemporary history of the Arabian Gulf.