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Zeitschrift für Umweltverschmutzungseffekte und -kontrolle
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ISSN: 2375-4397


Obtaining Synthetic Magnetite and Ferromagnetic Fluid from Industrial Waste to Purify Water from Petroleum Products

Kalaeva SZ, Makarov VM, Markelova NL, Kalaev RE

In the article, the authors describe three methods for producing synthetic magnetite from industrial iron-containing waste: chemical condensation, electrochemical method and heat-reducing carbon treatment. The results of the study of the structure and properties of the obtained magnetic particles are presented. From the magnetite obtained from the waste, a magnetic liquid was synthesized on various bases (water, oil, kerosene). Magnetic fluids are used to remove petroleum products from the water surface. The efficiency of purification of water contaminated with petroleum products was 90-96%.