Autismus- Offener Zugang

Autismus- Offener Zugang
Offener Zugang

ISSN: 2165-7890


Occupational Therapy using Rapid Prompting Method: A Case Report

Victoria McQuiddy and Amy Moore Brennan

Individuals with autism spectrum disorders that are nonverbal or have significantly limited verbal ability often demonstrate difficulties with learning and communication that impact their ability to participate in everyday, functional activities. Healthcare providers and educators that provide intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorders utilize a variety of interventions and treatment techniques while tailoring their interventions to consider the unique needs of the individual with autism. This case report reviews how incorporating Rapid Prompting Method, a relatively new teaching technique for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, into occupational therapy treatment for a young adult male with autism with significantly limited verbal ability improved his functional participation, including communication, behavior, and engagement in routine activities of daily living.