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Zeitschrift für Umweltverschmutzungseffekte und -kontrolle
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Optimization of Water Reuse Network Using Water Pinch Technology (WPT) by Considering Single Contaminant for Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company, Nigeria

Abdullahi SA

Conventionally, freshwater has been the only source of water for processes used in the industries due to the fact that it is cheap, and the wastewater generated in these processes has been treated in a central common facility in order to remove contaminants and to meet regulatory specifications for wastewater disposal. This research identify an optimum design of water reuse network for Kaduna refinery and petrochemical company (KRPC), while considering suspended solid (SS), hardness (H, Chemical oxygen demand (COD) and Free hydrocarbons (FH) wastewater contaminants and analysing the feasibilities of reuse and recycling for water and wastewater minimization in the water network of the company by using graphical method known as Water Pinch Technology (WPT). The analysis indicated the possibility of reducing the fresh water use by 76.8 m3/h (32.3%) if Free Hydrocarbons (FH) was considered as the reference contaminant.