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Zeitschrift für Geologie und Geophysik
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Part 1: Contemporary Challenges and Current Solutions in Sinkhole Occurrence and Mitigation

Thornbush MJ

This review considers the current literature on sinkhole formation and occurrence. It incorporates several examples from around the world in order to gain a broader geographical scope on the problem. Challenges associated with sinkholes center around atmospheric acidification (pollution) and the formation of dissolution sinkholes. In addition, urbanization and its imposed changes on surface drainage as well as aquifer contamination also bear upon this geohazard. Solutions have been grasped through the deployment of geophysical techniques, in particular GPR. Engineering solutions are presented and critically discussed. Preventative planning based on early detection (through geophysical, GIS and multivariate analysis plus modeling, and possibly remote sensing techniques) are among the most effective available solutions. More research is needed to investigate the effects of increasing surface temperatures and interactions (synergies) with pollution.