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Prediction Of Solid Rocket Motor Performance in a Pintle-Dual Bell Nozzle Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Jithendra Sai Raja Chada, Sri Ram Deepak Akella

A solid motor is a widely used propulsion system in the industry of aerospace. The application of solid propulsion has a wide range of advantages and disadvantages in space exploration and defence systems. The rocket performance is mainly described by the specific Impulse (Isp) produced by the propulsion system. The specific impulse has a very high significance in the design of a rocket and missile system. The paper is aimed to develop a numerical model for the prediction of specific impulse in a dual bell nozzle. The dual bell nozzle is a mostly used rocket that is used wide range in the industry of space exploration. The CFD simulation has been performed on the nozzle at different altitudes such as at the sea level, 4 Km, 8 Km, 12 Km, 16 Km, 20 Km, and vacuum. The simulation is performed with an inlet pressure of 7.34 MPa and inlet Temperature of 3410 K. and has a mass flow rate of the combusted gasses of 5.96 Kg/s. The simulation is performed that to observe the specific impulse of the solid motor rocket at different altitudes.