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Zeitschrift für Depression und Angst
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Psychiatric Disorders and Quality of Life in Patients with Hypothyroidism: A Narrative Review

LuísaPelúcio, Antonio Egídio Nardi, Ana Claudia Ornelas and Michelle Levitan

Objective: To narrative review scientific articles that investigated psychiatric comorbidities and quality of life in patients with hypothyroidism.

Method: A search was conducted in three databases; ISI Web of Science, Pubmed and PsycInfo; where 1333 references were found. After the exclusion of repeated and foreign language articles, restriction to the last ten years and analysis of titles and abstracts, 27 articles were chosen to compose this review.

Results: Studies on patients with Thyroid disease; be it an excess or a deficiency of thyroid hormones, may produce psychiatric symptoms, in this instance the evidence of patients with anxiety and depression disorders is particularly noteworthy. The results of 14 studies selected for this review positively prove the association of the diagnostic with psychiatric disorders and quality of life.

Conclusion: Although the searches were carried out for psychiatric comorbidities, anxiety and depression disorders were highly prevalent in the population with hypothyroidism. Other data of paramount importance was the emphasis on treatment blocking future developments in relation to emotional health, associated with chronic hypothyroidism, thereby establishing better quality of life in this population.