Lupus:Offener Zugang

Lupus:Offener Zugang
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ISSN: 2684-1630


Pyoderma Gangrenosum Mimicking Anti-Phospholipid Antibody Syndrome in a Child with Juvenile Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Metin Kaya Gürgöze, Aslıhan Kara, Mehmet Yusuf Sarı, İlknur Çalık, Saadet Akarsu

Background: Although pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) -like lesions have been rarely described in adults with the antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS) and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), the occurrence of PG as a preceding manifestation of APS in children with SLE has not been reported until. We present a young girl with SLE and APS who developed progressive extstensive ulcerations that were consistent with PG.

Case: A 14-year-old girl with a 2-year history of SLE was admitted to our department, complaining painful crusted ulcerations on her legs. Skin biopsy was reported as PG. However, she did not respond to immunosuppressive therapy administered. When her skin biopsy findings is reassessed in keeping with the positive anticardiolipin antibody results, superficial small vessel micro thrombosis was observed. Diagnosis of APS and PG developing secondary to SLE were made. It was resulted in marked clinical improvement with anticoagulation therapy in addition to immunosuppressive as is recommended in APS.

Conclusion: Based in clinical, pathological and response to proposed treatment, we can state that PG -like lesions in children with SLE could be considered as a secondary form of APS.