Familienmedizin und medizinische Wissenschaftsforschung

Familienmedizin und medizinische Wissenschaftsforschung
Offener Zugang

ISSN: 2327-4972


Relationship between Type 2 Diabetes Self-Efficacy and Quality of Life: Analysis Under Varying Glycated Hemoglobin Conditions

Hsueh-Feng Wang, Yu-Chia Chen, Feng- Hua Yang and Chi-Wen Juan

Purpose: To investigate the correlation between self-efficacy and quality of life (QoL) in patients with diabetes under varying glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) conditions.

Methods: The 177 outpatients with Type 2 diabetes were included in this study at a regional teaching hospital in central Taiwan. We reviewed the results of the patients’ HbA1c test results from the preceding 3 months and recorded these data. HbA1c levels were divided into three control groups: good, moderate, and poor. In multiple regression analysis, the relationship between overall self-efficacy and QoL, then stepwise added HbA1c and demographic variables.

Results: This study revealed a strong relationship between self-efficacy and QoL. In comparison to the overall sample (referred to as the baseline group), the relationship between self-efficacy and QoL was significant. In the good control group, the relationship between self-efficacy and QoL intensified.

However, the correlation between the two in the moderate control group weakened, and the correlation between the two in the poor control group was the lowest. Therefore, as HbA1c levels increased, the correlation between selfefficacy and QoL weakened and tended to decline steadily. In addition, the relationship between the self-efficacy dimensions of medication control, foot care, and QoL intensified in the poor control group. However, regression analysis showed that the partial regression influence of HbA1c on mental QoL and environmental QoL was not significant.

Conclusions: Self-efficacy and QoL were significantly correlated under various HbA1c conditions. Therefore, improving self-efficacy to achieve appropriate blood glucose control can help increase the QoL of patients with Type 2 diabetes.