Zeitschrift für Depression und Angst

Zeitschrift für Depression und Angst
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ISSN: 2167-1044


Role of Family Care and Support in Experience of Bereavement among Elders: Case Study

Saba Zer Naz Hafsa*, Asia Mushtaq, Fazaila Sabi, Amna Hassan, Syeda Rabia Shaheen, Fatima Afsar, Sana Younas, Asima Munawar

Life is a journey, in this every one of us experiences gains and losses. When we gain something significant we experience happiness, but when we lose something we experience negative emotional states like negative affect that is sadness, in some cases depression and in extreme case grief and bereavement. Prolonged grief and bereavement can lead to major depression. Mostly people experience grief and turn to reconcile their original positive energies without any help, facilitator and intervention. Whereas, sometimes some people are not able to reconcile and remain stick to their grief and bereavement state. At this point they need facilitation and special care. Current case revealed the significance of early detection of depressive illness with reference to bereavement among elderly and the role of family care and support in fighting with the said problem. It is concluded there is a need to optimize family support (family support includes siblings, parental, off springs, spouse support) during the period of bereavement to minimize the burden and suffering of family members.