Zeitschrift für Grundlagen erneuerbarer Energien und Anwendungen

Zeitschrift für Grundlagen erneuerbarer Energien und Anwendungen
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ISSN: 2090-4541


Solar Industrial Heating Practices in India

Sharan GM*, Jeevan BM, Aravinda P, Iman khan, Babu Rajendra Prasad

The present time, solar thermal technology has shown to be highly promising for providing process heat in a variety of industrial domains. By merging an unusual system, industries may minimize their usage by substituting solar energy for fossil fuels thermal energy and clean energy. The paper provides an in-depth analysis of eleven nations that have exhibited substantial usage of solar energy systems in their industrial sectors. This worldwide study was then compared to the existing Indian environment in order to forecast the future power of solar thermal integration in the Indian industrial sector. Selected nations are based on a database of possible industrial sectors as well as solar heating applications that take use of the present solar energy event. These are being evaluated in order to integrated into developing countries.