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Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie und Biophysik
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Specific Heat of Solution of HCl-NaOH Reaction by a Simple Handmade Calorimeter

Fazal-ur-Rahman M and Hafiz Zeshan Haider

A research study was performed by couple of students under the research project of bachelor in chemistry. The main goal to perform this project was to determine the changes in temperature of solution when an acid and a base were mixed together inside the cups of handmade calorimeter and their reaction was proceeded under the lab conditions and to determine either reaction would be exothermic or endothermic. Basically, from these changes in temperature of solution, the specific Heat of solution or Heat of reaction was determining. Temperature changes were observed using analytical thermometer with stop watch and all changes were noted on datasheet, while after completion of the whole experimental work, a thermodynamic equation of specific Heat was applied to calculate the Specific Heat of solution mathematically in numeric value which was 3214.72476 J or 3.21472 KJ. It was seen that as the base was mixed into acid, the temperature of solution was increased to maximum rapidly showing the exothermic reaction. After reaching to maximum range, the temperature decreased gradually to its minimum range being constant and consistent. The consistent temperature range terminated the reaction. All variations in temperature ranges were recorded very carefully and a table with a graph showing all ups and downs in temperature ranges was drawn on MS Excel Data Sheet.