Familienmedizin und medizinische Wissenschaftsforschung

Familienmedizin und medizinische Wissenschaftsforschung
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Stress: A Serious Health Concern

Ofonime E Johnson

The demands of daily living have an impact on the human body, affecting its normal physiological equilibrium, many times to the extent that the individual’s body succumbs to serious pathological manifestations. While efforts are being made to eradicate communicable diseases and reduce predisposing factors to non communicable ones, many are being brought down by an apparently ignored but real phenomenon called stress. This is a silent killer capable of affecting virtually every system of the body leading to very fatal consequences. In addition individuals are known to incur huge medical bills as a result of stress related ailments. Workplaces also suffer financial losses as a result of stress related reduced productivity, absenteeism or sometimes costly mistakes by staff. The aim of this essay is to highlight the health hazards associated with stress and recommend ways of preventing their occurrences. The essay looks at the meaning of stress, its spectrum, types of stressors and an individual’s response to stress. It then offers some tips on avoiding and managing stress. It is hoped that by understanding some of the consequences of being under excessive pressure, one can begin to take positive steps towards reducing the impact on the body. In order to live a long fulfilling life, reducing stress in our day to day life is a virtual necessity.

Conclusion: The negative consequences of excessive stress on an individual are too numerous to be ignored. One should therefore make every effort to curb the menace of this silent killer.