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Study of Financial Behavior of Indian Investors During Announcement of GST and VAT

Ms. Herpreet Kaur & Dr. Jagdeep Singh

Tax revolution is believed to be welcomed by India. Value Added Tax(VAT) and Goods and Service Tax(GST) are the two GST also known as the Goods and Services Tax is defined as the giant indirect tax structure designed to support and enhance the economic growth of a country. More than 150 countries have implemented GST so far. However, the idea of GST in India was mooted by Vajpayee government in 2000 and the constitutional amendment for the same was passed by the Loksabha on 6th May 2015 but it application is announced recently in 2017.Application of the same has created huge roars among all class of peoples in India resulting in huge hue and cry across nation. It would be interesting to see its actual impact on the mind of Indian investors by studying pre and post 15 days trading strategy on Stock Market Index. Investors thinking results in action of buying and selling on stock market and thus Nifty is considered for study.