Autismus- Offener Zugang

Autismus- Offener Zugang
Offener Zugang

ISSN: 2165-7890


Teaching Strategy for Improvement of Socialization Skill of Student with Autism

Tonni Aktar*

This study explores the scenario of teaching strategy and its effectiveness on students with Autism. The study finds that teaching strategy is not effective. Teaching strategy depends on teacher’s education background, knowledge about special children, teacher’s interest and willpower. But maximum teachers have inadequate knowledge about special education. In our country this section was disregarded but there has been some structural development over the years. However, still there is no good quality education, training system and sufficient budget. The senior teachers have more experience, so they are only good at this sector. As our social environment and transport are not suitable for them. So children and family members are victims of bulling. For this reason many parents don’t come regularly to school. As a result distance is created between teacher and student. So, teachers should give motivation and mental support. Parents’ consciousness, teaching performance, proper guideline & social skill therapy can develop their socialization skill. Developing the socialization skill depends on the level of Autism. The children with Mild Autism can develop very quickly. Early intervention plays a great role for developing socialization skill of Autism. Regular class, social skill therapy, making friends, parents’ support and proper direction are needed to improve socialization skill for these children with Autism.