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The Effects of Gradual Cooling towards Mechanical Behaviour of 7075 T6 Aluminium Rods and Polyvynil Chloride Belts

Vikneshwaran Viknesh*, Azizul Rahman

This paper reports the effects of hardening heat treatment and gradual cooling on the mechanical properties of 7075 temper grade 6 aluminium alloys and polyvinyl chloride conveyor belt. The aluminium alloys casted in the form of round cylindrical rods. Upon casting, the rods machined into dog-bone style prior to the heat treatment and tensile test. The samples attempted hardening treatment at desired temperatures. A time vs. temperature plotted prior to the hardening treatment effect. The samples subjected to gradually cooling, by releasing the heat on the surface of some polyvinyl chloride conveyor belts. Upon accomplishment, entire as-cast samples in each category and heat-treated samples subjected to tensile test. From the results obtained, there is improvement of mechanical properties because of gradual cooling.