Zeitschrift für perioperative Medizin

Zeitschrift für perioperative Medizin
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ISSN: 2684-1290


Torsion of Para-Ovarian Cyst: Case Report and Review of Literature

Rabail Raza, Maria Hassan and Anwar Ahmed

Torsion of uterine adnexa with a para-ovarian cyst in adolescent females is extremely uncommon. With a wide range of differentials for pelvic pain in pre-menarchal girls and nonspecific clinical presentation it often becomes a diagnostic challenge to identify this condition before surgery. We present a case of 19 year old female, who presented in emergency with acute abdomen. Ultrasound pelvis was suggestive of an ovarian cyst. At laparotomy a twisted right para-ovarian cyst was found and cystectomy performed.