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Zeitschrift für Depression und Angst
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Understanding the Correlation between Physical Activity and Clinical Depression in Women: A Review of the Literature

Daphne Kaye Sharpe, Janice Collins-McNeil, Jerrell Wayne Jones and Rahn Kennedy Bailey

In an effort to understand the correlation between clinical depression and physical activity, a systematic literature review was conducted. Major Depressive Disorder/Clinical depression is a mental illness that can be expensive and debilitating to sufferers. It poses a substantial burden worldwide when not treated effectively clinical depression is likely to lapse into a chronic disease as reported by CDC in 2011). At least 350 million people live with clinical depression and it is the leading cause of disability worldwide as reported by WHO in 2012). It affects not only the person with clinical depression but their families too. The World Health Organization (WHO) also reported that major clinical depression was ranked eighth in low income countries but was first place in middle and high income countries.